Recent Updates

As a nutritionist, I am happy to finally see the FDA’s announcement to ban trans fats from the US food supply by 2018. It is shameful that it has taken so long. Actually, it was shameful to ever put them in the food supply in the first place, especially while simultaneously vilifying butter.                                  

Whenever I shop in a grocery store I am both awed and distressed by the amount of non-food present. The boxes and containers of processed food-like items have ingredient lists reminiscent of chemistry class rather than my grandma’s kitchen. On one recent shopping experience, I was reminded of a story I saw on 60 Minutes a couple years ago on the food flavoring industry.

It may not feel like it, but Spring is right around the corner. Tree pollens will start blowing up from the south and will affect allergy sufferers before the winter snow melts. We can use the remaining days of winter this month in order to get ahead of Spring allergens. Here are some key tips to support your immune system and prepare your body for the allergenic assault.