We rely on nutritional supplementation to augment our diet. The ability to gain access to our supplements is currently under threat.

This episode highlights the gut - brain connection and also discusses one type of GI inflammation: EoE.  Nutrient benefits of Kaniwa and cherries are also discussed.

This show discusses nutritional and dietary influences on brain function.

The MAD for seizure control has been gaining more momentum around the country. Presented at AO this past year and a diet that I have implemented with families over the years in conjunction with their neurologists, a basic introduction is given.

Nrf2 and BDNF brain chemical activation by diet, nutrients and lifestyle.

A discussion of the behavioral, genetic and biomarker research trends presented at a 2011 conference in comparison to the biomedical therapies and research.

A discussion about probiotics. What they are, how they function, the benefits they bestow. Clinical studies on safety, dosing and beneficial health outcomes. Relationship to gut pathogens, antibiotic therapy, and gastrointestinal biofilm also discussed.

GMO foods' negative influence on diet, genetics and the immune system.